Monday, September 23, 2013

5ft Hole, -200lb Rock, +6000kg Concrete, 48ft Tower, 3element Yagi

Earlier on in the summer the tower plans started with selecting the site. I chose "up" behind the house because this would give an extra 8 to 10ft and would help get the antenna above the surrounding tree line.

4ft done, one more to go.
The hole digging went OK for the most part. It just took time and patience.

200lb Rock
The one "event" of note was the removal of what must have been a 200lb stone that some glacier must have left behind.

The concrete was supplied by the folks at Cruickshank out of Kemptville.


I used a plumb, twine and a sledge to help the tower true while the pour happened.

The tower went up in sections 6 8ft sections to a height of 48ft.

After operating the Seppir on the garage roof for a few weeks, to make sure it was all in working order it came time to hoist it up the tower.  The antenna weighs about 60lbs and is 39ft tip to tip on a 16ft boom.

Raising the antenna
Getting the steppir on the mast was most difficult because the mast clamp is between the elements of the 40m loop element and there is a lot going on in a small space.

All strapped in

Here is a good shot of the entire setup.

On Top
 There is no way I could have gotten this done without the help of my son Hudson.

Ariel and Hudson
73 for now

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Michael VE3WMB said...

Awesome. My understanding is the loop driven element becomes a dipole for 40m and 30m ?

You must be noticing a big improvement in
S/N now that you are out of the city?

Michael VE3WMB