Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heathkit HW-12

The Heathkit HW-12A is a single "mono-bander" 80 meter  CW/SSB transceiver with a 200 watts P.E.P.  The "final" power amplifier is based on a pair of 6GE5 tubes.

This transceiver was first introduced in 1966 and was sold until 1974. The HP-23 power supply, which was rebuilt for the SB-101 can be used to put this radio into service.

Heathkit HW-12A

The 6GE5 tube was created for genereal usage as a Beam Power Tube used in horizontal-deflection amplifiers in television receivers of the era.

Heathkit HW-12A Main Tuning and Multifunction Meter

I followed the calibration and alignment procedure outlined in the manual and found the needed adjustments to be clear and straightforward. The is no pesky, final neutralization in this rig and alignment is vastly simplified because the rig only has one band to complete.

Heathkit HW-12A with Tuner, Mic and HP-23 Powersupply

HW-12A ready to go onthe air.


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