Monday, July 11, 2011

Kayaking in St. Lawrence

Well it has been some time since the past post.

Earlier in the summer Roxanne and I decided to get away for a bit of water and paddling, sometimes it seems that its been too long to be land-locked in the city.

Easy paddle past Sister Island, St Lawrence Seaway.

The maps and ideas we worked from were borrowed from one of the may interesting and informative web sites we found, . The maps for our trip were the two at the end of the pdf at the following link; route 7

We packed up the evening of Friday July 1st and left home early Saturday morning. It was a short 2 hour drive to Rockport which is a cozy little village on the north shore of the St Lawrence Seaway past the east end of lake Ontario. The put-in was a small and crowed slip way, the car was parked, we packed up the kayaks and we were off.

Our plan was to paddle from Rockport, to a camp ground on on the south side of Grenadier Island, then complete the loop around the island and back to Rockport the next day.

Rockport and Grenadier Island in St Lawrence Seaway

Our minds were full of the anticipation of paddling waters of the the "Great St. Lawrence Seaway!" and perhaps share the way with a Great Lakes shipping vessel. Well ho-humm, no such luck, we did not see even one.

We had read and were, as ready as any one could be in a kayak, for the westerly winds that can whip up off of Lake Onratio, but,... again, no such luck. It was blue sky all the way.

The paddle to the camp was so nice not a single picture was taken. I can only describe it as a taste of what Roxanne and I love to do so much.  Slipping along the cool blue water, interesting shorelines to gaze along, the sun in our hats, and only each other's voices in the air between us.

Camp was very easy, pitch the tent, ...

make the table and relax.

We forgot the stove fuel at home, so we scrounged around and between the poison ivy, for small dead branches to make a little fire. We finally had supper made and dined on salmon, rice, cheese, french bread and some wine. This is one of our favorites camp suppers and it brought a satisfying end to a great day.

A short paddle out in the evening took us to a small nameless island which has an platform to encourage osprey nesting.

The sunset and cool air brought a calm that turned the water to a mirror finish. 

The paddle back the next day was longer than yesterday, but this did not matter.

To anyone who is interested in this trip, I'd say that  the camp is as good as any other, clean and relatively quiet. There are a significant number of pleasure craft that use these waters, and drivers are not very sympathetic to the smaller craft and the issues their wake can cause. Particularly at Rockport, the passenger ferry, combined with high power pleasure craft made for a very bumpy time arriving at and departing from the slip. If you are comfortable in a few feet of the occasional "seas" then its not a problem.  Of course, a canoe would be a different issue and a much larger concern. 

We will be back.

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