Thursday, October 1, 2009

A bit about us.

Well,... along time ago there were these kindly folks who came to this country,....

Seriously, This old snap was one of many we found at the house in Richibucto. A few decades ago, Roxanne and I took a keen interest in family tree stuff and this was driven by all of the old family photos which were both at the house in Richibucto and at Roxanne's folks home on northern Ontario.

These are a few of them you might enjoy.

Well the Hudson Family were a good loooking group if I have to say so my self. I simply think this one is very odd as the young fellow standing next to his dad looks remarkably familiar.

The young man is my Mom's father Reg Hudson.

This picture would have been taken in Nova Scoita down in the Annapolis Valley

Perhaps a bit out of order, but, this is good old Main Street Richibucto, I am sure you can tell exactly where you are, and where the 5 & dime was. (c. 1941)

Of course, Dad met Mom when he was in training in Base Greenwood NS. I can only assume that Mom is paying her new found love a kind message of "I wish you were here".

This would have been taken at the Farm in Aylseford.

Well we all know where this is, and many of us have visited this historical site of significent importance to the French Acadian reality.

I can tell you that Dad was very taken by this young lady. There are many pictures of this young couple in the "archives".

Well, I have to post an image of Roxanne. I'm sure she won't mind.

We have 2 children, Husdon and Josee-France. Apparently the 3D movie was so good the family appeared to want to see real life in 3D too.

Roxanne decided to take up the violin, a while back and I agreed that if she could play a Jig, I`d learn to step dance. So far I don`t think I`ll need my lessons soon. (Just kidding, Roxanne)

p.s. Hi Marc, & Michelle


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Elizabeth Campbell said...

Love the photos, Adrien! Your parents made a very handsome couple. Thatès carried on to the next generation, too! Was particularly interested to see that Roxanne has taken up the violin. I recently inherited my grandfatherès old violin, which he brought out west with him from the Ottawa Valley (Glengarry). Ièd love to get it restored and take some lessons. By the time you and Roxanne get back up to Keewatin again, maybe weèll be able to play some duets! LOL